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Hanno Braun

making, automation, small-scale manufacturing


I'm a big believer in open source, and I do most of my work out in the open. Most of that happens on GitHub, but I also post some of the stuff I do here. Especially when doing something that's not software, I like to make an entry here.

  1. The source code for this website is now public. I doubt anyone is going to jump at the chance to fix my typos, but I figured why not.

  2. Last thing I did before my vacation: Print Screw Pad prototype #4. Featuring a knurling pattern that's way more pleasant, and thicker walls. I also tried to add chamfers to various edges, but man, OpenSCAD makes that way too hard.

  3. I hear there are some kind of end-of-year holidays coming up? I'll take that as an opportunity for a week of vacation. I'll be back in the new year!

  4. Printed Screw Pad prototype #3 yesterday. Fixed the screw and added a signature to the bottom. The higher-resolution screw generation makes a clear difference, compared to prototype #1.

    I'm considering to change the knurling pattern (this one feels a bit harsh) and thicken the wall of the nut (probably not necessary; but the thicker walls of the screw just look better, more solid). And the thread fit needs to be adjusted; it's a tiny bit loose.