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I have a daily habit of working on side projects, and I've come to appreciate the benefits of tracking that habit out in the open. If I'm doing work on a software project, I track that on GitHub. If it's more hands-on, I like to post an update here.

  1. Doing some cable management in the printer enclosure. Not pretty, but it'll do. Definitely better than having a big pile of them outside.

    Still need to figure what exactly I want to do on the outside. I'd like to attach all switches and power supplies to the outside somehow. Need to think some more.

  2. More progress on notebook #5. Glued on the mull and the bookmark ribbon. Once the glue is dry, finishing the text block can begin.

  3. Glued the end pages onto notebook #5. Trying a new technique with doubled-up end pages with this one (inspired by how Moleskines are constructed). I'm hoping this will make the notebooks more flexible, especially when opening it near the beginning or end.

    We'll see how that turns out, once the cover is on.

  4. Took another look at the Prusa Mini extruder today. Filament was stuck in there. Cleaned it up. Couldn't find any root cause for these problems.

    I think I just need to pay more attention to preparing the filament properly. You know, cutting it off at an angle, like the manual says, instead of doing nothing and hoping for the best.