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  1. Check out what came in the mail today. I'm about to step up my game here! ๐Ÿ˜

    Pretty sure I've identified all the issues I'm having with the NonOilen prints, and the spacer model prints in general. This micrometer (and a new printer nozzle that I'm waiting on) should help solve them all.

  2. I recently did some research into biodegradable 3D printing filaments (and published a note about it). Lots more options than I thought, but most manufacturers don't really go into detail about the circumstances under which the parts degrade, which is kinda important, in my opinion.

  3. Still trying to track down the problem I'm having with the spacer model. Aside from the issue with the internal diameter, there seems to be the additional problem of the NonOilen prints being ever so slightly smaller than the PLA prints.

    I'm knee-deep in slicer settings now, which is fun but also a bit overwhelming.

  4. Trying to track down some dimensional accuracy problems I'm having with those spacer models. The inner diameter is consistently too small, by up to 0.4mm. I played around with the slicer settings, but couldn't figure it out so far.

    I figured it might be the printer, but those calibration cubes are accurate within 0.1-0.2mm, which is well inside the expected range.

  5. This is my first successful test print using NonOilen. The attempt before that didn't adhere to the bed, which isn't a surprise with such a small print.

    Some 3DLAC solved the problem. Using an adhesive is recommended anyway, when printing with NonOilen.

    This was also the first time I used 3DLAC (or any bed adhesive). So far it seems great.