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Hanno Braun

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Hey, I'm Hanno! On this website I write about making, automation, small-scale manufacturing, and my own workshop adventures. Look below for a sample of the latest content, or check the about page to learn more about me.

Latest Updates

  1. I've taken down the preview product page for the customizable spacer I was planning to sell. Turns out, manufacturing a fully customizable product is really complicated, and I decided to go with something more manageable for my first product. I don't expect that to be a success anyway. It's all about learning.

    However, the software I wrote for making a customizable OpenSCAD model available on a website is somewhat interesting, so I made that public and published a note about it.

    As for the new product, I've settled on an idea and I'm currently working on the design. I'll let you know, once I have something to show.

  2. Did you see that Prusa XL announcement video? (There's also a blog post.) I mean, I'm not going to buy one; way too big for my needs! But man, those features. CoreXY, fully automatic first-layer calibration, tool changer, load cell sensor... if those are the signs of printers to come, I see more Prusa in my future.

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