Hanno Braun


Hanno Braun, self-employed software developer from the Odenwald region, Germany. The best way to reach me is via email (hanno@braun-odw.eu) and Matrix (@hanno:braun-odw.eu).

Ongoing Work

Braun Embedded


I provide software development and consulting services, specifically relating to Rust firmware on ARM Cortex-M microcontrollers. If you want to write your next firmware project in Rust and could use some help with the low-level stuff, let me know!



Flott is an open source toolkit for motion control software written in Rust. I'm its creator and main developer. Please consider sponsoring me, if you want to support this effort.

Made by Hanno


I have a small workshop where I make semi-interesting stuff, mainly 3D-printed.

Side Projects

I work on lots of smaller projects on the side. Check out my GitHub accounts (personal and professional), if you want to find out more.