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Hanno Braun

making and small-scale manufacturing

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Hey, I'm Hanno! I'm a self-employed software developer and maker, living in the beautiful Odenwald region in Germany.


I work on Fornjot, an early-stage project to create a next-generation, code-first CAD application. I've been experimenting with this for years on the side, and it's now my main professional focus.

If you're interested, check out Fornjot's website or the GitHub repository. If you want to support the project, please consider sponsoring me.

Side Projects

I'm interested in making and small-scale manufacturing, and I'm working on a bunch of side projects related to that. I used to make (and occasionally sell) notebooks.

I'm also a big believer in open source, and do most of my work out in the open. Check out my GitHub profile to see what I'm up to.