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Notebook #4

Lots of process improvements on notebook #4, like a different technique for glueing on the bookmark, finishing the text block before adding the cover, and much more.

From a feature perspective, this one has thinner end pages, which makes the combination of end pages and cover less rigid. I think this is better, but there's still more to do in that area.

When opening the notebook fully, this puts tension on the first page after the end page, leading to the damage shown here. I need to find a solution for that. I have some ideas that I want to try in the next build.

I don't think I'll start with the next one right away though. I'm currently working on some tooling that I hope will improve the accuracy of the holes, and thus of the whole text block.

Here are some pictures I took during the build.

The signatures, with the holes for sewing made.

The sewn text block.

The bookmark glued onto the spine, before the mull goes on.

One side sanded.

Another side yet to be sanded.

All sides sanded.

Fully finished.

The cover glued on.

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