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Peanut Bowl

Published: 2021-05-09

So here's a very specific problem: When eating peanuts out of a bowl, where do you put the husks? Not in the same bowl, surely, or finding un-eaten peanuts will become harder and harder. A second bowl might be unwieldy, depending on where you're sitting.

What to do? I present to you, the Peanut Bowl.

You fill one half with peanuts. As you eat them, the discarded husks go into the other chamber. They also stack, for easier storage.

I printed these out of PLA. Please note that 3D-printed PLA is usually not suitable for anything that comes into contact with food. I determined that it's okay in this case, as the bowl is designed to only ever come in contact with the husks of the peanuts, not the peanuts themselves.

As usual, the OpenSCAD model is available for download.

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