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Hanno Braun

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I have a daily habit of working on side projects, and I've come to appreciate the benefits of tracking that habit out in the open. If I'm doing work on a software project, I track that on GitHub. If it's more hands-on, I like to post an update here.

  1. This year, I plan to focus on Fornjot, my project to create a next-generation Code-CAD application. To make that work sustainable, I am seeking support from the community. If you're interested in CAD, why not follow those links and check it out?

  2. I started working on notebook #2 last weekend. I'm using this opportunity to experiment a bit more with filming and editing. Lost some footage towards the end, unfortunately, as the free memory on my phone ran low.

  3. My latest newsletter went out yesterday and, if I can say so myself, it's a pretty good one. I mean, maybe not that interesting to the public at large, but if you want to keep track of what I'm up to, that's one you shouldn't have missed! (oops?)

    But seriously, I actually plan to add a newsletter archive to the website, but that will take some work I don't really have time for, so we'll see when that happens. Until then, maybe consider subscribing? There's some behind-the-scenes stuff in there that I don't post anywhere else.

  4. The source code for this website is now public. I doubt anyone is going to jump at the chance to fix my typos, but I figured why not.