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Hanno Braun

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I have a daily habit of working on side projects, and I've come to appreciate the benefits of tracking that habit out in the open. If I'm doing work on a software project, I track that on GitHub. If it's more hands-on, I like to post an update here.

  1. I started working on notebook #3 last weekend. Managed to get the text block sewn. Ready for some glueing, once I'm back in the workshop.

  2. I finished my second notebook yesterday! It's slightly nicer than the first one. Still a long way to go to make them truly good, but I'm happy.

  3. Things have gotten a bit quiet around here! My new focus on Fornjot has disrupted my daily routine, and I've been busy getting everything back in order. I'm slowly settling into it and have started to make some progress with product development again.

    So far, I've started to make a whole thing out of my notebook-making hobby. Not sure at all where that will lead, but I guess we'll find out.