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  1. Did some printer surgery yesterday! The filament was stuck in the extruder after the unloading procedure.

    It wasn't a hard problem to solve, but seemed intimidating at first. Turned out really satisfying though! Feels food to have such a useful tool that is also so accessible.

  2. I recently merged this website with my personal site. In practical terms, this means my (former) personal website is now gone and this one has a new URL. I've set up the proper redirects, so hopefully this will not affect anything negatively.

  3. I posted a note about aluminium extrusion yesterday. I'm trying to take better notes when I research something, so I can then post about it here. I hope that this is useful to others, so please let me know what you think!

  4. I'm interested in developing and selling my own physical products, and I figured I'd start by dipping in my toe with the simplest one I can think of: a 3D-printed spacer.

    It's not for sale yet, but you can already configure it and download a 3MF file for 3D printing (for free).

  5. I recently found these great articles by Jan Mrázek on his silicone casting process ([1], [2]). He's using a resin printer to print the molds, as well as the rigid cores that he casts the silicon over. He's also developed a process for injecting the silicone into the mold, using cheap and available tools. Good stuff!

    If you own an Elegoo Saturn, also check out the casted cleaning kit he sells.