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I have a daily habit of working on side projects, and I've come to appreciate the benefits of tracking that habit out in the open. If I'm doing work on a software project, I track that on GitHub. If it's more hands-on, I like to post an update here.

  1. Doing some printer maintenance this evening. Nozzle was clogged. Idler screw seemed loose. Must have been a different root cause though, because it's not working again.

    Can't load filament. The extrude motor will run, but it won't grab the filament. Not sure what's happening. Will have to take another look tomorrow.

  2. When you don't have the right wrench, but you have a bandsaw... having some fun while waiting for glue on notebook #5 to dry.

  3. Finally started working on notebook #5! Tried some new things, like drilling the holes into the whole stack of paper all at once, instead of using an awl. Didn't go perfectly, but happy with the result.

    The paper I used is also thicker than usual. Not sure yet what I think about that. Will have to see the end result.

  4. Notebook #4 is almost finished! Use some different techniques that time, that I'm very happy with. And as usual, I have a million ideas for the next one.