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Hanno Braun

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I'm a big believer in open source, and I do most of my work out in the open. Most of that happens on GitHub, but I also post some of the stuff I do here. Especially when doing something that's not software, I like to make an entry here.

  1. I printed another Screw Pad prototype last week (it's the one in front; the first one is in the back, for comparison). More knurling, less wasted material, higher-resolution thread generation. It doesn't work though! The screw part is too large and doesn't fit the nut. Fortunately I know how to solve this problem.

  2. I've printed the first prototype of the product I'm working on: A height-adjustable support for light workshop duties. I'm calling it the Screw Pad (working title).

    The idea is to create something simple, that I can design and manufacture easily, so I can learn about all the other aspects of selling a physical product. Learning is the priority here. I don't expect to sell that many (or any 😅).

    Despite choosing something simple, the design was a huge pain. Because of the screw thread. FreeCAD can do helical extrudes, of course, but it's buggy and I couldn't get it to work. SolveSpace can also do it, but support seems half-baked and weird. Commercial options don't run on Linux or are out of my price range.

    I finally managed to do it with BOSL. Despite my best efforts, I always keep coming back to OpenSCAD 😄

  3. A new newsletter went out this week! If you want to get monthly updates that summarize what's happening on this website, spiced up with some other content from around the internet that I found interesting, feel free to subscribe!

  4. Did you know that I'm working on my own CAD application? It's called Fornjot (at least for now).

    Despite working on this (including several previous iterations) for several years now, it's still highly experimental and not fit for general use, as I explored multiple approaches that ended up not working out. It's a lot of fun though, and I feel I'm hitting my stride lately. Maybe something will come out of this yet!