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Hanno Braun

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I'm a big believer in open source, and I do most of my work out in the open. Most of that happens on GitHub, but I also post some of the stuff I do here. Especially when doing something that's not software, I like to make an entry here.

  1. I'm interested in developing and selling my own physical products, and I figured I'd start by dipping in my toe with the simplest one I can think of: a 3D-printed spacer.

    It's not for sale yet, but you can already configure it and download a 3MF file for 3D printing (for free).

  2. I recently found these great articles by Jan Mrázek on his silicone casting process ([1], [2]). He's using a resin printer to print the molds, as well as the rigid cores that he casts the silicon over. He's also developed a process for injecting the silicone into the mold, using cheap and available tools. Good stuff!

    If you own an Elegoo Saturn, also check out the casted cleaning kit he sells.

  3. I posted a note about programmatic CAD software yesterday. I plan to post more such non-project content in the future, although I will keep posting about projects too.

    I have some more ideas in the pipeline, mainly about physical product development and prototyping topics I've been researching. Let me know what you think!

  4. Today's my first day back at work after two weeks of vacation. Got lots of ideas for what to do with this website while away. I guess now starts the slow and tedious process of actually implementing them 😄