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  1. The trend continues. Every attempted solution to a problem creates new ones. Now I'm having issues with z-axis calibration. It's out of calibration, I adjust over a few prints, now everything's great. Then, for next day's first print, it's out of calibration again.

    I figured that maybe, due to the new improvised enclosure, the printer heats up over a few prints, causing the z-axis to expand. And in fact, some calculation based on plausible guesstimates tells me the aluminium extrusion that holds the z-axis might grow by 0.13mm. That's more than half the first layer height, and about the same as my adjustment to the z-offset value.

    But of course, if the z-axis grows, the z-position should be too low for the first print, which is the exact opposite of what I'm seeing. After many weeks of this kind of stuff, I'm so thoroughly confused.

  2. My new 3D printer enclosure. I can assure you, I will start designing a new new one shortly. But in the meantime, let's see how this one works out.

  3. The splurging of plastic from the printer keeps happening. I'm pretty sure my theory about excess material in the nozzle was bullshit. I'm now thinking that the problem could be temperature-related.

    There's a lot of plastic coming out in a short time, and its consistency is different from any extruded PLA I've ever seen. I don't think this could be happening at normal temperatures, so maybe there's a problem with the thermistor, or a temperature gradient between thermistor and nozzle caused by environmental factors.

    I'll try to find a fitting cardboard box to improvise an enclosure to see if that helps. If not, I'll have to look into the thermistor.

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  5. The printer problems are never-ending! Now I'm seeing these blobby beads. Fortunately only in skirts so far, not in any print itself. My theory is that this was caused by the Mini's built-in first-layer calibration procedure.

    I currently have a 0.25mm nozzle equipped, but the first-layer calibration assumes a 0.4mm nozzle, which could theoretically lead to excess material in the nozzle/hotend. If that's true, this will hopefully clear up soon. That, or I'll need to do more cold pulls...