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Notebook #6

Notebook #6, and my last one for the time being! I managed to finally integrate the rubber band to keep it closed, which is pretty neat.

This one was a lot of work! The spine kind of got away from me and deformed in the book press. That meant all the other sides were very uneven too, and had to be sanded away.

A real pain, but in the end, I came away somewhat happy. Almost in the mood to make yet another one.

But no. This is the last one for the time being. Maybe I'll try again some time, but for now, I have enough of sanding paper.

Here are some pictures I took during the build.

The text block, before the glue-up. The spine hadn't yet gotten out of control.

Here's a picture of the problem I was facing. Lots of unevenness, lots of sanding necessary.

I eventually managed to even it out.

The new feature of notebook #6: The rubber band, to keep it closed.

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