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Notebook #3

Notebook number 3! Tried a few process improvements on this one, but the main feature is the bookmark.

Some things went wrong with that one. I didn't think the bookmark quite through, and it got in the way of the finishing process. I'm also getting fed up with the finishing process more and more every time. The rest of the build is pretty enjoyable though.

As always, I'm bursting with ideas on how to improve it, and can't wait for the next one.

Here are some pictures I took during the build.

The signatures, with the hole locations marked.

The signatures, with the holes created.

The sewn text block.

This time I glued on some mull to strengthen the spine.

I used up my initial inventory of cork for the first two notebooks. Ordered a larger sheet for the following ones.

Same sheet of cork, with the cover for notebook #3 cut out.

Notebook #3, ready for finishing!

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