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Prusa Mini Enclosure

Published: 2021-12-08 (updated 2021-12-15)

I've been wanting an enclosure for my Prusa Mini for a while. When my friend Martin Dederer offered to build one, if I send him a design, that offer was hard to pass up.

Here's the end result:

As you can see, the enclosure fits into its place very precisely. The front door has a window, so I can see what's going on inside. Near the back of the right wall, you can see an access port for the power switch, USB ports, and filament.

I plan to print a cover for the access port, with a hole to let the filament through, to further insulate the inside. See below for more thoughts on this and other future improvements.

Here's the view from the back-right. You also see the back access port for power and network cables.

And here's what it looks like inside. I tried to not waste any space, while leaving enough room to comfortably handle the printer.


I used libfive Studio to build a CAD model. Mainly because it seemed interesting and I wanted to try it.

Here's the front view of the model. I left out the door, as I didn't want to overconstrain the build with unnecessary design decisions.

A CAD model wouldn't have been necessary for a build of this complexity, but I found the process of creating it very beneficial. It helped me get clarity on the internal and external dimensions, which, seeing how snugly the enclosure ended up fitting, was very important.

libfive Studio is a Code-CAD tool, and I added extensive comments to explain my design intent, which helped a whole lot to ensure the dimensions were correct (and hopefully will help anyone who's interested in understanding how I came up with them).

The whole design is open source and publicly available on GitHub. The CAD model itself is defined in model/ within that repository.

Future Extensions

This is only the first version. I have ideas for several extensions and modifications:


2021-12-08 Initial release.

Added entries about temperature monitoring, fire extinguisher, and camera to list of future extensions.

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