Hanno Braun

making, automation, small-scale manufacturing


Hey, I'm Hanno! I'm a self-employed maker and software developer living in the beautiful Odenwald region in Germany, Europe.

I'm interested in making, automation, manufacturing, and small businesses that do all that. I enjoy nature (which is why I live pretty much in the middle of it), and believe we should do what we can to preserve it.

This website is dedicated to these topics, and I keep adding content here regularly. If you enjoy it (or don't) please let me know! I appreciate your feedback

I'm also a big believer in open source, and try to do as much as my work in the open as is practical. Check out my GitHub profile, if you're interested in what I'm up to.

Are you interested in any of these topics? If so, please get in touch! I always enjoy talking to like-minded individuals.